Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship 2019

Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship

The Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship Program pays for educational cost and related charges (roughly US $170,000) for natives of African nations with monetary need who wish to acquire a MBA at Stanford GSB.

Stanford will grant up to eight Stanford Africa MBA Fellowships every year.

Africa is anticipated to be the world’s second-quickest developing economy by 2020. With development comes a requirement for pioneers who can address and explore difficulties and openings.

Stanford GSB is eager to add to the area’s human and monetary advancement by instructing pioneers focused on having an effect on the landmass.

Inside two years of graduation from Stanford GSB, Stanford Africa MBA Fellows are required to come back to Africa to work for somewhere around two years in an expert job that adds to the mainland’s improvement.

Host N Nationality

The association program will be held in the United States of America.

Cooperation Benefits

The Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship Program pays for educational cost and related expenses (around US $170,000).

Cooperation Award Eligibility


Three criteria are assessed while considering possibility for both the Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship and the MBA Program. These include:

Scholarly essentialness

Shown authority potential

Individual characteristics and commitments that will add to the class.

Promise to Developing Africa

You should be a native of an African nation. Double natives are qualified for the partnership as long as you hold citizenship of an African country.

Inhabitants of an African nation who don’t have citizenship having a place with an; African nation are ineligible right now.

Money related Need

Stanford will decide your money related need dependent on close to home monetary data you submit in the Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship application.

Stanford Africa Fellowship Program Application Process

Stanford Africa Fellowship Program application accessible on the web

1. Apply to the Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship Program

You will be approached to give:

Instructive History

Official transcripts are not considered at this stage. Finalists will be required to present an informal duplicate of your transcripts in the MBA Application and will submit official duplicates upon admission to the MBA Program.

You may likewise present the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) as well as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), if accessible.

These are discretionary at the partnership application organize.

On the off chance that you are chosen as a finalist, you’ll be required to accept one of these tests as a feature of your application to the Stanford MBA Program.

Grants and praises (scholastic, expert, or individual)

Work History

Letters of proposal are not considered at this stage. Finalists will be required to submit two Letters of Recommendation in the MBA Application.

One-page resume or educational programs vitae (CV)

250-word article tending to how you intend to have an effect in Africa

Individual money related data

2. Finalists advised (30 July 2017)

Up to 100 finalists will be chosen for the Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship.

3. Finalists apply to Stanford MBA Program

Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship finalists must apply to the Stanford MBA Program in either cycle one or cycle two to be qualified for the cooperation. Notwithstanding, we unequivocally urge you to apply in cycle one. In the course of the most recent couple of years, the quantity of applications we get in cycle two has expanded, making it increasingly focused. Submitting in cycle one likewise gives you more opportunity to get ready and plan for the program, including finishing the visa application process.

Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship finalists must present the Stanford MBA Program application, including GMAT or GRE scores, and if relevant, one of the English language tests (IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL). Finalists may demand up to one voucher to take care of the expense of either the GMAT or GRE test. The MBA application expense will be deferred for finalists.

4. Get an idea of confirmation: Stanford GSB will choose up to eight Stanford Africa MBA Fellows every year from among the finalists.

5. Join up with two-year Stanford MBA Program: (September 2018)

Significant Dates

Cycle 1 (18 Sept 2018) or Round 2 (10 Jan 2019) Stanford Africa Fellowship Program candidates get ready and submit Stanford MBA application (which incorporates a different exposition for the Stanford Africa Fellowship)

Cycle 1 (13 Dec 2018) or Round 2 (28 March 2019) Stanford discharges confirmation choices, including those for Stanford Africa Fellows

September 2019 Stanford Africa Fellows register in Stanford MBA Program