NHF Postdoctoral Research,Judith Graham Pool Fellowships

NHF Postdoctoral Research,Judith Graham Pool Fellowships

NHF Postdoctoral , NHF’s head look into association program is named out of appreciation for Dr. Judith Graham Pool. Set up by NHF in 1972, the Judith Graham Pool (JGP) Postdoctoral Research Fellowships have given a long heritage of help for essential science and pre-clinical research in draining issue.

NHF’s head look into cooperation program is named to pay tribute to Dr. Judith Graham Pool. Built up by NHF in 1972, the Judith Graham Pool (JGP) Postdoctoral Research Fellowships have given a long inheritance of help for essential science and pre-clinical research in draining issue. In 1965, Dr. Pool found a technique for extricating thickening element from human plasma to define cryoprecipitate. This leap forward opened the entryway to a progression of research improvements that would alter treatment for hemophilia and at last lead to its administration through recombinant substitution factor and ebb and flow broadened half-life treatments.

Since the program’s commencement, NHF has subsidized various researchers whose ventures have delivered indispensable bits of knowledge into hemophilia and other draining issue. JGP inquire about association grant ventures have added to the improvement of more secure concentrates, upgraded techniques for testing and screening, and have laid the preparation for current advances in quality treatment for hemophilia.

Qualification Requirements


Qualified Countries: International Students

Organization Name: National Hemophilia Foundation

To be taken at (nation): USA

Qualified Field of Study: Scholarship is accessible for Pursuing PhD Degree Program.


Possibility for the JGP Postdoctoral Research Fellowship more likely than not finished doctoral preparing and apply for the JGP association grant from a doctoral, postdoctoral, temporary position or residency preparing program. People with over six years of experience since finishing doctoral preparing are not qualified to apply. Built up specialists or employees are additionally not qualified.

U.S. citizenship isn’t required, yet imminent applicants must be partnered with a U.S.- based association, (for example, a college, school, medical clinic, government office as well as lab). Just examiners related with a non-business foundation will be qualified for NHF award subsidizing.

The JGP association beneficiary will be required to spend in any event 80% of their working time on the financed research venture. The staying 20% might be given to instructing as well as other clinical/look into work at their organization. The JGP grant beneficiary and his/her mentor(s) are relied upon to stay with their foundation for the span of the task being supported. Letters of help marked by fitting authorities of the foundation will be required as a major aspect of the application.


By and large financing for the JGP Fellowships is made conceivable through the liberal commitments of NHF sections, people and different establishments. NHF will grant up to $52,000/year for a limit of two years. Continuation for the second JGP year will be founded on the accommodation of progress reports and a continuation application.

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Extent of Research

Passable proposition subjects incorporate pre-clinical or essential science inquire about on the biochemical, hereditary or hematologic parts of hemophilia, von Willebrand sickness, or other acquired draining issue. Different themes may remember center for hepatitis/liver infection, HIV/AIDS, joint sickness/orthopedics, ladies’ wellbeing, or other helpful modalities relating to draining issue.

Cutoff times

Every single intrigued applicant need to present a ‘Letter of Intent’ (LOI) by email to Dr. Michelle Witkop, Head of Research, at [email protected](link sends email) by no later than February 3, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST. Letters that don’t land by the cutoff time won’t be acknowledged.

LOIs should be submitted on institutional letterhead and won’t be considered for survey except if marked by the up-and-comer. LOIs ought to be: routed to “Individuals from NHF’s Research Review Committee,” be 1 to 1.5 pages long, incorporate a concise presentation of the up-and-comer/specialist and capacity to meet qualification criteria, data about his/her guide, and a short depiction of the proposed research venture. Letters must be joined by a CV (NIH-style biosketch liked) for both the applicant and his/her guide, and submitted as a solitary PDF.

LOIs will be assessed by individuals from NHF’s Research Review Committee dependent on the applicant’s qualification and pertinence of the proposed research to the field of draining issue. The advisory group will at that point all things considered choose which applicants will be welcome to present a full application. The chose competitors will have until March 9, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST to present their full JGP application to NHF. Applications that don’t land by the cutoff time won’t be acknowledged.

JGP applications are exposed to a thorough friend audit process. Proposition are to be explored on logical legitimacy and scored in the territories of venture criticalness, logical methodology, advancement, agent capabilities and research condition.


Grants Deadline: February 3, 2020