New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program 2020 For Australian Students

The 2020 New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program gives chances to Australian college understudies to attempt semester-based investigation and temporary positions or mentorships in the partaking Indo-Pacific areas.

In 2020, the New Colombo Plan will bolster Australian students to live, work and concentrate in 40 areas over the Indo-Pacific locale, including New Caledonia and French Polynesia. Around 120 to 150 scholarships are required to be granted for concentrate in 2020.

College selections are currently open for the 2020 Scholarship round of the New Colombo Plan will open on the 17 June 2019 and close on 15 July 2020. In any case, the applications from named understudies open on 16 July 2019 and will close on 14 August 2020. Fruitful candidates will be reported at the honors work in late November.


Progressively About the New Colombo Plan

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) is a leader activity of the Government of Australia, which intends to improve learning of the Indo-Pacific area in Australia by assisting Australian college understudies with studying and do entry level positions in the locale.

The goals of the NCP Scholarship Program are:

give around 120 renowned and exceedingly focused scholarships to a wide scope of Australian college understudies concentrating an assortment of orders;

bolster more examination encounters in a wide scope of Indo-Pacific regions;

urge specialists to direct long haul contemplates, language studies and entry level positions and additionally mentoring;

include specialists, Australian colleges and different partners in open discretion and effort;

keep on building up a functioning network of graduated class to empower the past researchers to share their encounters, advance the NCP and keep on creating proficient learning and associations with the Indo-Pacific locale.

What kind of study does the New Plan Colombo support?

The New Colombo Plan includes:

an esteemed scholarships program for the investigation of as long as one year and temporary positions or mentorships, and

an adaptable versatility stipends program for both short and longer-term examine, entry level positions, mentorships, practicums, and investigate.

All New Colombo Plan bolstered concentrate must get credit towards an Australian college degree.

Level/Field of Study

The scholarship is available to college understudies in different orders matured 18 to 28 learning at Australian colleges. Likewise, the NCP has the ability to incorporate a few understudies more than 28 in the New Colombo Plan supported portability ventures.

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Host Nationality

This scholarship is an activity of the Australian Government, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Qualified Nationality

The scholarship is available to Australian residents.

There are boundless fundings for global understudies from different nations. Peruse MORE ON THE COUNTLESS INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS HERE.

Scholarship Worth

Before applying for a New Colombo Plan Scholarship, understudies ought to think about their own budgetary conditions and guarantee that endeavor a Scholarship Program won’t overextend them monetarily. Trade rates can vary. Likewise, the scholarship ought to be utilized as planned.

The New Colombo Plan Scholarship incorporates:

educational cost charges to take care of the expense of concentrate for up to one Academic Year (counting understudy administration and luxuries charges), where Scholars are concentrating as expense paying global understudies, up to a limit of $20,000 ($10,000 per semester or $6,666 per trimester).

Note: These charges are payable straightforwardly to the Host Institution. Likewise, the scholarship will accommodate worldwide educational cost expenses if no present trade understanding spot is accessible between the Home University and the Host Institution.

Language preparing educational cost expenses, where acquired, of up to $1,500. Additionally, these charges are just for in-nation language preparing and are payable straightforwardly to the language preparing supplier.

a movement stipend of $2,500 to add to expenses related with the Scholar’s movement to and from the Host Location.

Different Benefits include:

a foundation stipend of $2,500 to add to the expenses related with the Scholar sinking into their Host Location.

a month to month stipend of $2,500 to add to the Scholar ‘s fundamental living expenses in their Host Location.

wellbeing and travel protection for the span of their abroad Scholarship Program.

a devoted Case Manager for the term of their Scholarship Program who gives administrations including pre-

takeoff briefings, guidance on wellbeing and travel protection, exhortation and help identifying with settlement, and installment of stipends.

New Colombo Plan Fellows (the top-positioned Scholar in every area and top-positioned IndigenousScholar) will get an extra advantage of $1,000 to buy consider materials for use during their Scholarship Program.

Scholarships might be supported by Private Sector Organizations for the term of the Scholar’s Scholarship Program. This may incorporate into kind advantages gave straightforwardly to the Scholars, for example, preparing openings.



To be qualified, candidates for the New Colombo Plan Scholarship 2020 must stick to the accompanying

Have been selected by their home college.

Be an Australian native.

Candidates can’t attempt their Scholarship in a Host Location wherein they hold double citizenship or changeless residency; or in which they have recently been a native or lasting occupant.

Be tried out units at an on-shore grounds of an Australian University during the application procedure.

Be somewhere in the range of 18 and 28 years old (comprehensive) on 1 January 2020.

Have accomplished a base 70 percent evaluation normal or proportional for their college class at the season of use, as controlled by the choosing Home University.

Be attempted a Bachelor Degree or Bachelor Honors Degree when the Scholarship Program starts.

Not be a past beneficiary of a New Colombo Plan Scholarship.


The most effective method to Apply

Australian colleges are to make their assignments by means of the New Colombo Plan Online site.

Designated understudies get application direction and an encouragement to finish an online application structure.

Candidates assemble supporting documentation and complete their application.

Snap Here For The 2020 New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program Guidelines.

Application Deadline

Accommodation of utilization for the New Colombo Plan 2020 closes11.30pm AEST on 14 August 2019.

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