Doctoral Scholarship University of Otago in New Zealand, 2019

Doctoral Scholarship, The honor is open for those remarkable understudies who are looking to get their first doctoral capability in session 2019-2020.

Qualified Countries: International Students✔

Organization Name: University of Otago

To be taken at (nation): New Zealand

Qualified Field of Study: Scholarship is accessible for Ph.D. Degree program.

Scholarships Deadline: Oct 10, 2019


Number offered  200 annually

Closing date. Candidates can Apply Any Time
The University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship provides funding to support doctoral students studying at the University of Otago.
The Scholarship is available to both domestic and international students. Candidates for a professional doctor…. as well as the Phil,  are welcome to apply. Applicants must usually be 0 seeking to obtain their fi. doctoral qualification Selection is based predominantly on academic merit and her applicant’s potential for research. Further information on how to apply tor this scholarship is available elsewhere on this webs.


Last revision to the guidelines affirmed by the University of Otago Council – 12 March 2019 1

1. Prelude

These guidelines apply to the scholarships for Doctoral and Master’s examination recorded in the appended

Timetable. All guidelines apply to every scholarship except if the Schedule indicates something else. There

are independent guidelines for specific scholarships in Health Sciences and some different scholarships for

specific purposes.

2. Reason

Doctoral scholarships are granted by the University Council, on the proposal of the Senate,

to competitors continuing to a course of directed doctoral examination at this University. These

scholarships are regularly accessible just to understudies looking to acquire their first doctoral

capability. Applicants might be granted one University of Otago doctoral scholarship as it were.

Bosses’ scholarships are granted by the University Council, on the suggestion of the Senate,

to applicants in the primary year of their proposal examine for a Master’s certificate which establishes passage to

the PhD course at this University. These scholarships are accessible just to understudies trying to get

their first research-based Master’s capability.

3. Scholarly Criteria and Eligibility

Doctoral and Masters’ scholarships will be granted based on:

a) The candidate’s scholarly record:1

• For the situation of a candidate for a doctoralscholarship who has finished a Master’s qualification

by papers and proposal (in any event 0.75 EFTS), the evaluations of all relevant2 propelled level papers

tallying towards the honor of the degree and the postulation will be considered. An

clarification of the time taken for finish of the postulation might be mentioned and considered

by the Scholarships and Prizes Committee if the theory hastaken multiple EFTS (2 fulltime years) to finish.

• For the situation of a candidate for a scholarship without a Master’s qualification including theory,

the evaluations of all relevant2 propelled level papers tallying towards the honor of the

candidate’s most important degree will be considered.

• For the situation of candidates whose earlier capabilities have been granted by other

colleges, the University will figure a GPA score utilizing what it considers to be the

most relevant2 papers and grades gave on the candidate’s scholarly transcripts.

• Certificate of Proficiency and Pass/Fail papers won’t be considered in the


b) The candidate’s potential for, or record of, look into.

c) The council, proposal or potentially positioning of the important Head of Department.



Last revision to the guidelines endorsed by the University of Otago Council – 12 March 2019 2

Qualification for Doctoral and Masters’ scholarships

1) Unless generally expressed in these conditions or inside the calendar, doctoral and Masters’

scholarships are open just to Domestic Fee Paying Students.3 International hopefuls concentrating for

expert doctorates are qualified to apply yet whenever granted a scholarship the educational cost charge waiver will

be topped at the residential rate.

2) For the situation of candidates for a doctoral scholarship, affirmation of the scholarship is needy

on the endorsement of their application for admission to the important doctoral program and

the finish of the enrolment methodology.

3) For the situation of candidates for a Master’s scholarship, an affirmation of the scholarship is needy

on the endorsement of their application to enlist as a Master’s hopeful and consummation of the

enrolment method.

4. Residency

an) A doctoral or Master’s scholarship might be granted with full-time or low maintenance residence. Low maintenance

residency might be allowed in situations where the full-time study isn’t practicably conceivable and where

the hopeful can show that they are especially solid and steady for low maintenance contemplate.

Applications to moving from low maintenance to full-time residency will be considered, given that the

applicant has indicated agreeable advancement and can give proof of the capacity to focus on

full-time ponder. Applications to moving from full-time to low maintenance residency will be considered

just on grounds of sick wellbeing (a restorative endorsement will be required), huge carer

obligations (for instance: pre-school matured youngster; school matured kid as a sole parent with

restricted help; or youngster/accomplice/parent with a genuine disease or handicap) or for profession-related

reasons. Low maintenance residency for profession-related reasons is liable to endorsement by administrators.

Moves of this sort may just happen toward the start of a semester. Payments for hopefuls

holding low maintenance residency will be star evaluated as proper.

b) During a residency of the scholarship, the competitor must attempt to look into in Dunedin or at the

College of Otago, Christchurch or University of Otago, Wellington, except if an extraordinary case for

exclusion from this necessity has been recently affirmed by the Scholarships and Prizes


c) Tenure of a doctoral scholarship is for three full-time years (or low maintenance proportionate), or until

the proposition is submitted (whichever period is the shorter), subject to the arrangement of palatable

yearly Progress Reports by the Department in which the understudy is enlisted. For applicants in

expert doctorates, residency may likewise cover times of coursework before and after the proposition

enrolment period, yet won’t surpass three years.

d) Tenure of a Master’s scholarship is for one full-time year (or low maintenance identical), or until the

theory is submitted (whichever period is the shorter.) Students must be in the principal year of their

proposition research to be qualified for a scholarship.

e) A shorter time of residency will be granted in situations where two months or a greater amount of enrollment

as a contender for the degree (or for the piece of the degree qualified for scholarship support) has

been finished at the season of honor.

f) Overseas residency of a Master’s scholarship isn’t regularly allowed.

g) Overseas residency of a doctoral scholarship isn’t regularly allowed. In outstanding

conditions, a time of as long as one year’s abroad residency might be conceded by the Scholarships

furthermore, Prizes Committee, on the off chance that it very well may be appeared by the Head of Department concerned, that entrance to

offices or openings abroad is basic to the finish of the venture. In such

conditions, the payment of the scholarship will keep on being paid in New Zealand

money and into a New Zealand financial balance. No extra monetary help is accessible

through the Scholarship for movement or different costs brought about if a time of abroad residency is


5. Remittance

Doctoral and research Masters’ scholarships comprise of the accompanying segments for the residency of

the scholarship, except if the joined Schedule indicates something else:

Last correction to the guidelines endorsed by the University of Otago Council – 12 March 2019 3

an) An educational cost charge waiver at the residential rate for the degree for which the scholarship is given.4

(Note: Applicants ought to know that a University of Otago scholarship does not defer charges

for any papers that might be taken notwithstanding the full-time theory course for which the

scholarship is given except if affirmed by the Scholarships and Prizes Committee.)

b) A living recompense paid in equivalent month to month instalments.5

6. Extra Income

an) A doctoral or research Master’s scholarship may not be held simultaneously with some other

scholarship/s worth the greater part the yearly payment of a University of Otago Doctoral

Scholarship, on account of doctoral examination, or a University of Otago Research Master’s

Scholarship, on account of Master’s investigation. Research Grants, Travel Grants, and any Grants

explicitly assigned to take care of research costs, for which the hopeful must present receipts,

are not viewed as scholarships in this occurrence.

b) Full-time scholarship beneficiaries may not acknowledge paid work for over ten hours for each

week, by and large over a time of a year, without earlier consent from the

Scholarships and Prizes Committee (for low maintenance scholarship beneficiaries, the greatest

work hours are 20 every week). Something else, there is no particular farthest point on some other structure

of extra salary, gave that the understudy’s advancement on his or her investigations is kept up

at an acceptable level.

c) University of Otago workers who are seeking after their Master’s or doctorate as a major aspect of their

business are ineligible for University of Otago scholarship subsidizing.

7. Applications

Applications for scholarships are made online through the University’s site. An

welcome to apply for scholarships is sent once an application for admission to the pertinent

capability is finished. Applications might be set aside a few minutes and ought to ordinarily

go with the application for admission to the pertinent capability. Where a candidate is

finishing a Master’s certificate which incorporates enrolment in papers preceding enrolment in a

theory, application ought to regularly be made after culmination of those papers. An

welcome will be sent when enrolment in the proposition segment of the Master’s qualification is


8. Scholarly Qualifications

Understudies whose qualification has been given at any college other than a New Zealand or Australian

College should check the necessities for certifications assessment, accessible at: :

• Applicants whose capabilities are from nations in the lista accessible on the site

must give a unique or confirmed duplicate of the transcript from their university.b

• Applicants with capabilities from every single other nation must be alluded to: Education

Accreditation Evaluators, Inc.6

The candidate is required to pay for the assessment, with the candidate and the University of Otago

each getting a duplicate of the subsequent