15 Finland scholarships for Botswana students

Finland scholarships Are you a Botswana student looking for an opportunity to study in Finland?

You are in the right Place!

The Finnish Government, in cooperation with some institutions in the Republic of Finland scholarships, has offered scholarships in Finland for Botswana students. Here you can easily find the right scholarships in Finland that fit your level of study and complement your professional aspirations and dreams.

World scholarship forum being the best scholarship portal in the world have decided to update all Botswana students who wishes to study in Finland some important applicable scholarships for Botswana students can utilize in 2019 to study in Finland.

Finland scholarships for Botswana students 2019

For the academic session 2019/2020 we have compiled a list of current scholarships for Finnish students in Finland. The list includes scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students allowing Botswana students to study in Finland.

Finland offers students the opportunity to explore a wide range of studies in a non-traditional setting. A member of the family of the Scandinavian countries of northern Europe, Finland is home to a devastatingly beautiful landscape of lakes and rivers within its prime location, situated between Sweden and Russia.

Brief History of Finland

Finland is a country in Northern Europe. It is bound to the Baltic Sea, Botnabotni and the Finnish Bay. It has Norway in the north, Sweden in the northwest and Russia in the east.

Finland is a Nordic country that has rapidly developed a large economy, but has built a broad welfare state under the Nordic model, leading to widespread prosperity and one of the world’s highest incomes.

Finland is the best player in a wide range of country performance measures, including education, economic competitiveness, citizenship, quality of life and human development. Finland ranked first in the World General and Fragile States Index in 2015 and the most stable in the world from 2011 to 2016.

Carefully surf through our compiled list of scholarships for Botswana students in Finland below and find your match:

  • CIMO awards to study in Finland
  • Chemical Engineering and Water Treatment, M.Sc. at LUT University
  • Agricultural Sciences, M.Sc. at University of Helsinki
  • Sustainable Production in Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. at LUT University
  • Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics, M.Sc. at University of Helsinki
  • Atmospheric Sciences – Agriculture and Forestry, M.Sc. at University of Helsinki
  • Urban Studies and Planning M.Sc. at University of Helsinki
  • Sustainability Science and Solutions, M.Sc. at LUT University
  • Life Science Informatics, M.Sc. at University of Helsinki
  • University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarships 2019-2020
  • Natural Resource Management, M.Sc. at the Novia University of Applied Sciences
  • First Year Scholarship – University of Vaasa Global Student Scholarship
  • Second Year Scholarship – University of Vaasa Global Student Award for Academic Excellence
  • Aalto University Scholarship programme
  • HAIC Scholarship for Security and Cloud Computing

CIMO awards to study in Finland

These are a group of various scholarships administered to international students seeking to pursue a postgraduate study (Master’s or PhD) in Finland Universities.

These scholarships are meant to cover some or all of the tuition fees of the candidate and also offer monthly allowance.

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